Iran in the Crosshairs

The Obama Administration's announcement of a foiled Iranian terror plot certainly has convenient timing. Just as the 'Occupy Wall Street' movement gathers steam and a lot of negative attention is focused on Corporate America---lo and behold: a new war looms on the horizon!

  Aside from the utter absurdity of the government's story: that the Iranian government would jump through that many hoops and risk an international incident to assassinate a relatively unimportant official whom they could easily have targeted on Saudi soil; the hypocrisy is glaring. Hillary Clinton denounced the alleged Iranian plot as an 'unprecendented provocation'---despite the fact that the US government did exactly the same thing to three US nationals in Yemen last week!

  The Corporatists are barely even concealing their motives any longer. Just as the 'Arab Spring' threatened Wall Street's petroleum interests and the Newscorp scandal their propaganda arm; suddenly, after 42 years, the Libyan regime had to be removed. Unlike previous
'interventions', Libya never even had a plausible pretext; and the cartels were dividing the spoils before a new puppet-state was even erected. Now, Iran, a so-called 'State Sponsor of Terrorism' since 1979, has finally offended the Looters and demands immediate attention? This is an obviously orchestrated distraction; just as Libya was. And, of course, the Iranian spoils are slated for Wall Street plunder already.

Cross hairs or not, Iran is having its fun. First Ahmadinejad calls the "Occupy Wall Street" situation "The American Spring." Then somehow an "assassination plot" develops, eliciting the "We will not tolerate" rant, as you said, a couple of weeks after the U.S. did not only plot, but succeeded.

Coming home from the last LPSF meeting, I saw a rag tag contingent of OWS marching down Market Street, chanting all the stuff they wanted. They seemed to be outnumbered, though, by the police escorts.