Interesting perspective

There's no need to lie or to 'Trojan Horse' at all.
There are Republican groups already that are declared
libertarians by philosophy.

Tom McClintock is a shining example, as is Larry Elder.

What we do need is to be appealing and understandable.

Most Americans are libertarian by philosophy.
If you take them aside and learn how they think,
they agree with us in principle on most of the issues.

The problem is that half of America doesn't know who
we are, and the other half things we're lunatic fringe.

We can stick to our principles, but be well groomed
and well spoken. Being practiced in making our talking
points to be able to frame our ideas in a manner that's
both understandable and palatable is what it takes.

Jesse Ventura and Arnold Schwarzenhegger have
less to offer than we do, yet they're more successful.

Why? They were believable, likeable and good looking.

Those are the elements we need.

Bruce Cohen
LPCa ExCom