Innocents Betrayed group video order has a "Jump Start" deal where groups like LPSF can take five orders
for the Innocents Betrayed video at $30 apiece, and JPFO will knock $25 off
the total as a donation to the LPSF. So you can look at this as getting the
video for $25 if you make a $5 contribution to LPSF.

Anyone else interested in getting a copy of the documentary?

Details here:

I'd be interested in the DVD. -Mike

Rob Power wrote:


  I'll go in for a copy. I think it would be cool for the party to buy one too. This is the kind of thing I'd like to see us have on display at our booths on a TV powered by a small generator.

Yours in liberty,
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I'd like to get a copy! So count me in.

-Kevin O'Neal-


If the video comes in DVD, I would rather have that
instead of the VHS. Thanks.


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