Dear Everyone;

I am sending this to both lists as it is important that not only activists who could not be at yesterdays meeting be brought up to speed but also LPSF discussers be brought into the picture for their help and insight and comments as it is also just as important.

After yesterdays meeting and the discussion of the cost factors for mailing postcards and flyers the USPS on-line cost estimator provided the following figures:

1,000 black and white postcards printed one side: $285.70 (est net registered Libertarians who voted last Nov)

1,000 flyers 4 pages #24 bond paper : $528.00 (for the ballot initiatives and candidates recommendation newsletter)

OR 1,000 flyers 6 pages #24 bond paper : $614.00 ( if there is a lot of extra to say about the ballot initiatives)

The cost factors for the initial postcard mailings to the net registered Libertarians is well within the authorized $300.

These following steps should get us on the path to the initial mailing of the initial postcards to the net registered Libertarians estimated at 1,000 well before the next LPSF meeting so we can have a report of what happened.

1. Obtain from the registrar the latest CD of voters and the cross referencing as to whom voted last November for the
     net postcards mailing list. Then prepare a CVS excell spreadsheet with the necessary data for uploading to USPS.

2. a) Write a simple message for the postcard referring to the Law Enforcement Redeployment petition see the
          the web site url for more on the petition and why.
    b) A simple message saying see our candidates go to their web sites at URL's

3. a) An LPSF web page with the appropriate PDF's for the petition and signatures pages and brief explanation of
        what the police petition is all about and why.
    b) On the police petition web page a section asking for opt-in e-mail address for more info about LPSF events.
    c) A clearly identified LPSF membership application URL and request for joining LPSF - can't miss having that.
    c) An electronic web page visitor tracker system - also important for results tracking

4. Uploading the CVS list to the USPS web site and mailing it

Anything else anyone can think for the initial Libertarian postcard mailing as to what is needed please respondez vous with your commentez vous as soon as possible vous....

AND - do any of you have a more or less current up to date e-mail or mailing addresses of news media types newspaper and TV and radio in San Francisco which we could use for a special mailing press release on the Law Enforcment Redeployment Petition?

Thank You.

Ron Getty
SF Libertarian