Information Request Form (city employee salaries, etc.)


  Thank you for your response to my inquiry. However, the links you sent below do not contain the requested information in a particularly usable form. I think the public deserves to have a simple list showing the precise salary of each person, by name and position, as well as the benefits that go with each position and the estimated value of each benefit, don't you?

  It would seem to me that maintaining such a list would be one of the most basic responsibilities of a Human Resources department. How, for instance, is the mayor supposed to know what positions to think about cutting -- in this budget year when the city government is facing a deficit of over $500 million -- if he does not know what city employees are doing or how much money they are being paid, or has to decipher it from pages like the ones to which you referred me?

  You offered to let me know the rate of any particular person whose name I submit to you. If I submitted a name to you, where would you look to find that person's salary and position? Are you aware of any document which describes the job responsibilities of city employees in plain English, i.e. what each person actually does on a day-to-day basis? How about a list of which employees have city-owned cars, or city-funded cell phones, and what those cars and phones are used for? Any list of which employees receive free parking provided by the city, and/or which city employees are authorized to park at meters without paying, or in restricted parking zones without being ticketed?

Love & Liberty,
        ((( starchild )))