in SF with the Gary Johnson van

Hi Alan,

  Cool! We should meet up. Where are you staying? Got more details about the Cal rally with Judge Gray on the 25th?

  Yes, sex work is one of my areas of activism; in fact I just happened to be on a radio show with Kate D'Amato (sp.?) of SWOP NYC a few days ago. That's great you interned with them.

  Tonight is of course the first REAL presidential debate, on at 6pm (8pm CDT). I don't suppose you have any fliers to promote it? If not, perhaps we could make some, park the van where there's lots of foot traffic, and hand them out? Do you have other materials with you? I'm actually up early today for a change -- we could do morning rush hour downtown if you're up and about. Or if not, maybe the evening rush hour downtown, right before the event. Around the noon hour we might hit San Francisco State University or something.

  The morning of Wednesday the 25th there is an important court hearing in the case against the "Top Two" law designed to keep the candidates of alternative political parties off general election ballots. Local LPSF member and ballot access guru Richard Winger is fighting as a plaintiff against a judge's outrageous ruling against the plaintiffs requiring them to pay court costs. This will be at 9:30 a.m. at SF Superior Court building on the corner of Polk and McAllister, right across from SF City Hall. That could be another good place to park the van, to encourage people who are sick of the two-party cartel to go in and give court support.

  Feel free to give me a call any time, in case I don't see an email as quickly -- (415) 625-FREE.

Love & Liberty,
                                ((( starchild )))