In desperate need of help with signatures for Phil's nominating petition for Congress

LPSF Activists:

Yesterday, Chris, David, and I spent the afternoon walking the Castro to
get nomination signatures for Phil Berg to get on the ballot for US
Congress, District 8. We knocked on 40 doors and got 6 signatures.

Today, Marcy, Jeremy, and I spent the afternoon walking the Marina and
driving North Beach. We knocked on another 40 doors (something magic
about that number and me getting too pooped to continue), and we got
another 6.

With the circulators' own signatures, we still only have 15. We need 40
valid signatures (so, 45 total, given that we're using highly accurate
spreadsheet data from the department of elections, but "stuff"
nonetheless happens). Ideally, we'd be able to turn in the maximum
allowed number of 60, so we're sure that we had enough valid
signatures. But even the best spin is that we're only 1/3 done, and the
petitions are due by Friday.

If you're still registered Republican, please consider re-registering
Libertarian. We can bring you a registration form to sign with the
petition. Just call me at the number below, and we'll make arrangements.

If you have any spare time at all to help us gather signatures, please
call me at the number below. We especially could use people with a car
who can drive to get single signatures from individuals who contact me,
but we can also use people to walk through neighborhoods after work on
the weeknights, when we're hoping more people are home than were these
past two days.

Please, everyone, do as much as you can. With Cindy Sheehan running
against Nancy Pelosi, this will be the most national attention paid to
our local Congressional race in decades, and we need to make sure our
Libertarian candidate is on the ballot. Please do whatever you can to
help us accomplish this. Phil has already spent $1700 of his own money
on this, and several of us have pledged $100 apiece, but this signature
problem can't be solved by money. We need people-power, and we need it

Thank you for your help,

Rob Power
LPSF Chair
h: 415-762-0524
m: 415-235-0462

Thanks to all for your hard work on this. I've reregistered
Libertarian, partly so I could sign petitions. I'm never sure about
districts, but, if I qualify to sign this one, I'll make arrangements to
get to somebody somewhere to sign. (I've also registered for the

The district map is here:

If you're registered Libertarian and live in the shaded area on the map,
please let us know, and we'll have a circulator meet you to get your



Acree, Michael wrote: