IMPORTANT Re: Porcupine Freedom Festival 2009: Read Me! / Victims of the State of South Dakota

Victims of the State of South Dakota

Dear friends,

It saddens me to report that I won't be making it to PorcFest this
year after all. Two days ago my friend Scott and I were driving
through South Dakota on our way there, and were pulled over by the
highway patrol for exceeding the state government's approved rate of
motion. To make a long story short, they called a canine unit and
searched our vehicle from head to stern. We were arrested and charged
with possession of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia, and
possession of a controlled substance.

We spent an unpleasant 24 hours or so in the Minnhaha county jail,
went before a judge yesterday, and were released on $2000 and $1000
bond payments respectively until we have to be back here July 9 for a
court appearance. Am still deciding what to do in the meantime. I
think Scott wants to go home, but even if that were not the case, we'd
be hard pressed to make it to Roger's Campground before Sunday.

I'm not positive whether or not they have anything (must do further
research), but the controlled substance charge is a felony with a
maximum 10 years incarceration and $20,000 fine, so I am not a happy
camper right now.

My cell phone has not generally been getting service this trip
despite my supposedly upgrading to a plan that would give me something
closer to national coverage, so it may be difficult to call me. But I
am all right for the present.

Love & Liberty,
((( starchild )))