Important: New location for April LPSF meeting

At yesterday's LPSF meeting, we voted to change the meeting location to
a private conference room, because Milano Pizzeria was not working out
for several reasons.

The conference room is in my apartment complex, Archstone South Market.
The easiest way to attend our meetings will be to go to the back door of
the complex (labeled "Resident Entrance") at 170 Hawthorne Street, which
is under a gray awning. Here's a Google Maps link:

The conference room is that set of windows just about 15 feet to the
left of the door. Since the door will be locked, either call my cell
phone at 415-235-0462, and someone will open the door for you in a few
seconds, or if you don't have a cell phone, walk over to that window on
the left, and knock, and someone will come to the door to let you in.
(I'll be sure to have a sign with these instructions at the door, for
any new people.)

This is not necessarily our new "permanent" meeting location, but we're
going to try it out in April and see how it works out. If we like it,
it's ours for at least the next year (Kai and I will almost certainly
renew our lease until June of 2010), and if we don't like it, we can use
it until we find a place we like better.

For those who will be driving, there is parking underneath the apartment
complex, with the entrance at 1 Saint Francis Pl (which is just a
driveway off of Third Street between Harrison and Folsom), and for those
who will be taking mass transit, if you're up for walking 4 blocks,
Montgomery Street BART/Muni is the closest station, and if you're not up
for a walk, you can take Muni light rail to 4th and Townsend (where the
Caltrain station is), then transfer to the 30 or 45 buses, which will
drop you off at Third and Folsom, about a block from the entrance.

Oh, and unlike the restaurants where we've met for the past many years,
feel free to bring your own snacks and drinks (though Archstone doesn't
allow alcohol in the room without a licensed and insured bartender).
Just be careful with any food/drinks. I get the conference room for
free as a resident amenity, but I do have a $200 cleaning deposit on it,
so it will cost me money if we make a mess. If folks are up for it,
there are plenty of restaurant options in the neighborhood for a social
event from 5 to 6 pm, with Canton Dim Sum restaurant just around the
corner, which is always good for groups, and Mehfil Indian restaurant
just a block up the street.

I'm hoping that this new location works out well for all of us.

Rob Power
LPSF Chair