Important interview of Daniel Hopsicker

The Pensacola Florida shooting is a classic FBI cover-up, but uniquely
there is an investigative journalist on the ground in Venice, Florida named
Daniel Hopsicker who can fill in some of the gaps by going down to Florida
and investigating directly - in other words, doing journalism. The people
who were murdered were whistleblowers on the Federal Goverment's drug
smuggling operations in the Caribbean under USSOCOM. I'll let Hopsicker's
interview speak for itself, but I wanted to frame it here and provide
context so you would give him credibility.

For several decades, Hopsicker has been one of the few journalists to get
the phony "War on Drugs" right. Local decriminalization policies aren't
enough - it's the Federal policy of drug criminalization does is creates a
government monopoly. In other words, the government becomes hopelessly
corrupt because it becomes a cartel - and the DEA/DoD is the largest Cartel
in the world. The day after Prohibition hit, alcohol was just as available,
but a drink went from $1 to $6, and the extra $5 all went to organized
crime who used much of that money to buy off law enforcement. It's classic
racketeering because the pretend fight against drug smugglers (who are
actually government operatives) when the US has spy satellites that can
read the expiration sticker on your license plate justifies additional
appropriations to "fight the war." Over time, the machine becomes more and
more ravenous - wanting more grift and kickbacks, and to fund that, the
Pentagon basically floods the market with narcotics.

These predatory activities by a state-sanctioned monopoly cartel (and the
Pentagon is the Paragon of socialism) are the root cause of the very-real
opioid crisis. According to Agha Amin, a retired Tank Corps Commander in
the Pakistan Army and Executive editor of the Journal of Afghanistan
Studies (and a source of mine), in Afghanistan, CENTCOM shortlists a
narcotics mafia and US soldiers supervise the collection of the Hashish and
Poppy Crop. 40% of that is allowed to be smuggled out by the mafia via
pakistan and into Iran. The remaining 60% is delivered to selected US
Intelligence and Support Contractors including Environmental Chemical
Corporation in Foster City. In earmarked *on base *facilities off limits to
non-contractors, it is converted into morphia paste. This paste is flown to
the Balkans and sold to the Pharmaceutical industry (who then resell them
to the black market at a markup). The profits are invested in Real Estate
in the UAE in order to launder the funds.

Now, you're probably wondering where that money goes. The UAE is one of the
few countries where the US has no intelligence operations. Guess what - a
good portion of the money is then laundered back into the United states as
political contributions to effectively emplace the politicians who are
enacting the $733 Billion dollar National Defense Authorization Act. Worse,
some of the money is used to arm proxy forces such as ISIS - meaning the US
Military is effectively fighting itself. On 11/26, the NYTimes reported the
White House intends to designate "Mexican Drug Cartels" as "terrorist
organizations" bringing down the full weight of the Patriot Act. What's the
chance this might destabilize Mexican government and society and create a
migrant crisis as we "go in and clean out the cartels?"

In San Francisco, designated gangs or distributors are called "informant
networks." If one of the "protected" dealers are caught, the DA's office
tells the SFPD to let the dealers go. Meanwhile, the SFPD makes false
claims that it's pursuing predatory dealers (aka "give us more money").
This is simply not true - the SFPD goes after freelancers or independents
who try to make extra money on the side of the sanctioned enterprises. Most
of the drug profits are used to purchase arms to prop up various cartels
and narco-regimes in Central America, contributing to the refugee problem:
Again, don't take my word for it - take Journalist Ben Norton's:

Hopsicker has been covering US Government drug smuggling and racketeering
for decades. Here's an old high-budget ($100,000 in the 90's) documentary
he made about how the military-industrial-complex manufactured the Crack

Here's a video of how he came to believe in drug legalization:

Here's his website: