If you aren't going to the town hall meeting on public art, or happen to be downtown tomorrow...

...here's a chance to stand up for free speech and turn the tables on the surveillance society.

Power to the People!
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Photographing One Bush Street et al.

Saturday, July 30th



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Defend your right to photograph in public! And take some pretty pictures in the process!

Photographer Thomas Hawk was harassed yesterday for photographing One Bush Street in San Francisco (http://thomashawk.com/2005/07/one-bush.html). He writes:

"Yesterday I was shooting some photos of One Bush St. (the building where Bush and Market Streets intersect) when their security guard came out of his little glass jewelbox lobby hut to ask me to stop taking photos of the building. He said it was illegal. I moved to the sidewalk and continued taking photos and he again asked me to stop. When I told him I was on a public street sidewalk he said that actually they owned the sidewalk and that I was going to have to stop taking photographs.
I'd encourage anyone with a camera to stop by One Bush if you're in the neighborhood..."

Let's take him up on that!

This Saturday at noon, we'll gather at One Bush St. to take pictures and then continue on a walk around downtown photographing other buildings, but also anything else that strikes our fancy. Think of it as a photo outing with a purpose; a protest and playtime.

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all around downtown
One Bush Street
San Francisco

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