Ideas, Projects, & Sign-Up Sheet - LPSF Wiki Post

This is a wiki post we can use to store our project ideas, keep track of what we need, maybe prioritize some things, and see who is volunteers to determine when a project gets “activated” (i.e., has enough volunteers and resources). It’s only accessible to forum “staff” for now, just because we haven’t decided whether it was safe to share all of our creative ideas and other secrets publicly, or whether the “Activists List” is limited to people known to be libertarian.

Getting the Message Out

SF Pride 2021


  • Tabling supplies: Have them
  • Volunteers: Jeff Y.

SF Voter Guide 2021


  • $2000
  • Volunteers:

Starchild Vlog


  • Host: Starchild
  • Videographer:
  • Camera:
  • Video editor:

Libertarian mural


  • Artist:
  • Building / surface:

Body Freedom Protest / March

  • Volunteers: Jeff Y.

HK Rally

Discussion between LPSF and SF Public Press to discuss our feedback/concerns/suggestions about media coverage

Streamlining Activism

Completed Projects

This is a reminder that we have this wiki (collaborative post) to add activist project ideas and sign up to volunteer. Then, we can see when we have all the resources we need for carrying out a project.

It’s new, so if you have any issues with using it, please be patient and send me a message. Thanks!