Ideas for LGBTQ outreach


I'm not the type to dress in drag.
I want to be me. <singing>
We don't have bathhouses here.
I don't know what a circuit party is,
but I am sure there are none of them.

The ad idea is a fun one, but not really
right for me. Keep going though.
I'm listening!
(And learning.)



  If Laguna Beach is 25% gay, and 50% of the adult men are gay, I guarantee you've got gay bars there. If not bath houses, I wouldn't be surprised if there are some kind of sex clubs.

  The definition of a circuit party, like the definition of a rave, is a little bit fuzzy. But generally they're hedonistic dance events frequented by a lot of shirtless guys often in really nice shape which happen in different locations around the world (hence are part of a "circuit"). Usually they happen irregularly or infrequently, as opposed to your local weekly club night.

  Singing is good. If you like to sing, I'd go with that. Maybe you can come up with some libertarian parodies of well-known show tunes and record a CD to give out with the condoms. Or participate in open-mic events, or get a slot in a show at a bar or nightclub. If you're not the type to dress in drag... well, I'd suggest leather, except I'm for animal rights. How about a simple t-shirt that says "Not the type to dress in drag." Or better yet, a tight-fitting muscle shirt that says "Nobody knows I'm not gay."

  You're on the ExCom. Here's something else you could do, if you can get the rest of them to buy off on it. (Tell them you have a plan that will get a bunch of gays coming to Libertarian meetings and expressing libertarian ideas in very strong terms before they leave for a cost of only $___.)

  The ExCom chooses the keynote speaker for the convention, right? Remember the dramatic readings of Patrick Henry and Henry Lee at our past conventions? Make room in the keynote speech for an artistic performance. Then go to your local venues where plays and musicals are performed, the theater departments of your local college, your local gay bars, community bulletin boards, etc., and post fliers announcing auditions for an upcoming performance piece. Let people know that it will be a paying role which will get state and national press (you don't have to say that in the worst case scenario that press will consist of California Liberty and LP News).

  The auditions will consist of playing a gay character who gets arrested by government officials and reacts angrily. It could be for gay sex in the armed services, for "indecent" public exposure, for falsifying a marriage document in order to fool the authorities into marrying a same gender couple, for sale or possession of medical marijuana for AIDS, etc. You can have them at your regional meetings. Write a script where the character is a Libertarian and expresses libertarian views on a non-liberal issue like RKBA or economics. I recommend asking Mark Selzer to play the arresting officer, because he's good at that kind of improv. Hell, you can get him to film the outtakes for his show.

  OK, I know those probably aren't the kind of suggestions you were looking for. But I bet they'd get you more positive feedback than the typical LP approach (a table full of serious, old-school fliers).

  Here's my best LGBTQ outreach suggestion for you: Don't do anything that isn't creative.

Yours in liberty,
                <<< Starchild >>>

P.S. - When did the LPC and Orange County leadership start calling themselves Board of Directors? I think "Bored of Directors" would be more libertarian. If we're going to pretend to be a corporation, can we at least use it as an excuse to throw a cool launch party? Then since we're all about doing what works, if the corporate thing doesn't work this year, next year we try hip-hop.