Idea for an LPSF brochure on the surveillance society & threat of a police state

As for the SF Public library, when I ran the Af.Am. Historical Society, library, achieves, museum/gallery and gift shop I attended state and national lib. conventions during the nineties. All librarians were against any gov. monitoring of subject matter.
The person that built our network system made the cover of time and he was against any gov. intervention.
I'll be speaking at the next board meeting and will make sure I question the current officials on rights of privacy. They can be a good ally in the fight for freedom. There was a battle long ago of people who want porn in our libraries and the librarian association won that battle. Of course with a youth exclusion compromise.

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Thanks, Eric. I recall reading about the library and RFID chips earlier this year, and I don't know what the current status of that effort may be. It would be good to find out. I know librarians tend to be good about not wanting government snooping on them, but the issue here is them (as an arm of government) snooping on their patrons. Once data is collected, especially if done so in an organized, centralized way by an official agency, there is a great danger of it falling into the hands of those in the government who would use it to advance the police state.

  That's cool that you'll be speaking at this board meeting. If the meeting you refer to is public, please let us know when and where, especially if there will be an opportunity for the public to weigh in, in your support, on this issue. Also cool you used to run the African-American Historical Society -- I didn't know that. Is that a local group that's still around? They could be a valuable source of information on the racist history of redevelopment in the Western Addition that could help in the current fight to stop the agency from taking over the Bayview.

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