I wish to participate in the Presidential Debate

Dear Carla Howell,

It was just announced that a Presidential Debate will take place on
Friday, May 4th from 6-8 p.m. at the LPUS Convention.

Please tell me what I need to do to get approved to participate in that debate.

I fail to understand why I keep getting left out when I am by far the
best known candidate in the real world, the only exception being Gary
Johnson, and at least one candidate is a left-wing Socialist and not a
Libertarian at all but seems to be favored by the committee.

Sam Sloan

I think we are the only party whose presidental candidates are selected by party officials. Here are apparently the picks.



No, the Green Party is fussier than we are about who can "qualify" to seek the party's nomination. Certain people in the Green Party even insisted Roseanne Barr wasn't "qualified" under their rules and had a fit when the Cal Sec of State put Roseanne Barr on the Calif. Green Party presidential primary ballot.

Also the Constitution Party has rules about which presidential candidates can "qualify" for their presidential nomination also.

Richard Winger


PO Box 470296, San Francisco Ca 94147

I must tell you that Carl Person who I personally know as I even published
a book for him is not in even the slightest way a Libertarian.


Take a look at his candidates statement:

"20,000,000 jobs can be created through my plan “First 3 Are Free” (i.e.,
treated as independent contractors, as a head start for small business);
preemptive legislation to let small business advertise for capital (now
illegal), and preemptive legislation to deregulate higher education and
vocational training, to train millions of unemployed, underemployed,
retirees, disadvantaged to become highly-paid “Technical Assistant to Small
Business Owner”."

This is definitely a Socialist plan. He has tried repeatedly for the Green
Party nomination but they want nothing to do with him so he came to us.

He also wants to abolish all existing paper money and establish a new kind
of what he calls "fiat money".

In spite of all his screwball non-Libertarian schemes, he has become one of
the officially insider-approved Committee-Approved candidates.

Sam Sloan

Hi Richard,

I suspected that other 3rd parties might also have that rule. Thanks for the information.