I volunteer as a proofreader

To Phil or any other current or future candidate who may be sending out a
mailing to voters, I volunteer to be your proofreader before sending the

I just got the latest mailer from John Dennis (the "Nancy Pelosi has turned
her back on us" one). It looks so unprofessional, solely due to spelling
and grammatical errors. "Lead' instead of "led," commas where they ought
not be (the Matt Gonzalez endorsement) -- a bunch of stuff that would bother
me enough on one of our cheap little black and white LPSF postcards that
cost a hundred bucks to mail. Yet I know he spent tens of thousands on this
glossy full-color mailing to thousands of voters. It's just painful.

I hate it when people who profess to be libertarians do things that make
them look unintelligent. Respect for our high IQs (even if coupled with
disdain for our low EQs) is one of the few things we have going for us in
the realm of public opinion.