I need a volunteer to organize San Francisco Pride Parade this year

I'll admit it. I'm burned out on organizing our LGBT Pride Parade
contingent of Libertarians here in San Francisco. Unless someone else comes
forward to volunteer to do that, I don't think we'll have a contingent in
this year's parade. (I think we can still do the outreach booth even
without the parade entry, as we do tend to have volunteers for that.)

Is anyone interested? Even though the parade isn't until June, the whole
process to organize it starts in February/March, so we need a volunteer

Also, if you'd like to volunteer to organize our booth presence, that's
fantastic as well. But I've learned the hard way that organizing the two
things at the same time is too much for one person.

If you're interested in organizing our parade presence, please get back to
me ASAP.



P.S. We're having officer elections for Outright's national committee in
May, so if you're interested in running for an office, please speak up.
I've already announced that this year (my sixth) as National Chair is my
last, so we will be electing a new Chair this May.

I will help with the booth, as always.