Maybe there is a reassessment going on, after forty years of getting f'kd. Maybe doing the same thing for the same f'king is getting tiresome. New York and California are the 900 lb. gorillas in the zoo. But in a stunning demonstration of stupidity, our only operational alignment is in, who will become the looser in the presidential election and take his supporters to defeat again.
Libertarians are supposed to have the highest IQ of the political parties. In this case, IQ must be confused with head-injury. It's like the drunk and beat-up Jerry Jeff Walker, bragging to the red-necks that he'd survived a much worse beating by a motorcycle-gang.
Similarly dazed and delirious, we see a partisan booby prize in "local politics" to carve a local niche in the national police-state. It's laughable to think ya'll in New York will get anything but an ass-kicking without us to help you.
I've had enough of this and I'm going to do something about it, even if it's wrong.So I'm posting this this to the San Francisco discussion list. We'll see what happens.
There is a totally different way to go about things. Let's make it happen.

There sure is. It's called talking about it.


What is this about?


Hudson Valley Libertarians getting derided for wanting to DO something.


Mike, Marci,It's about me being in the discussion groups with a bunch of New Yorkers who, if focused and on-track, with some help from the left-coast gorilla, would make some serious political hay. The state execs, local chairs, candidates, boosters, all have the coats off, sleeves rolled-up and in the brawl.
The contest between Marcelino and Bowman for Congress, opened the door for a world-class fight, if only there had been world class back-up against the major party.
But everyone is oblivious to the possibilities so they fight among themselves. I think some got so bent they resigned from the party.
Do you know Gary Trieste? He was/is the state treasurer. How about Willie Aponte? You should, if you don't. He's been around the block and knows who's who and what's up in the Big Apple.
Gary, Willie,This is Marci and Mike in San Francisco. Let's start an "icebreaker" and get the cross-continental dialog going. Our regions are so inbred we could be scenes from "Deliverance".
Marci is from Argentina so she has seen up-close-and-personal, where things can go if we keep fiddle-f'kn around. You know me, cuz I call you up on the phone and post edgy opinions on the lists. But unlike me, Mike and Marci are pretty measured. Marci is the treasurer now and Mike got in the ring once and fought for Mayor of SF.

OK John….thanks for that. I barely have time for our locals but happy to be aware of issues close to those in our circle. To be aware will require more than what your post offered. Flesh it out a little please.



It's really not that complicated. We live in a world where Hewlett doesn't know Packard, Lewis doesn't know Clark, Hancock doesn't know Jefferson; Massachusetts is clueless about Virginia.
Do you think National has a handle on this? They don't.


I make my living as a bean counter, which means that no project of mine starts without a spreadsheet showing task, timeline, and cost. So you can see why your posts, although interesting, do not communicate a thing to me!

That said, I did glean from the HVLP exchange that they are trying to help somebody (Gary Johnson? Gary Trieste?) in an election (national? state? local?). I also gleaned that you might be suggesting that concerted effort is lacking in the LP. Yes, John, it is.

However, although I readily admit that concerted effort is lacking throughout the LP, at all levels, I gave up trying to do anything about it a couple of years ago, and have been instead concentrating on what I can do on my own.
For example, back in September, I jumped all over LP national chair Nick Sarwark about the LP's total absence in the current presidential race. He said as soon as the November 2014 elections were over, he was going to start working on 2016. So, far, not much of a campaign, in my view.

So, I gave up on that, and Aubrey (LPSF Chair) and I are now concentrating on the gazillion horrendous proposals on the San Francisco November 2015 ballot. Look at the LPSF website for a glimpse of action in the form of fighting for hearts and minds, and/or come to the LPSF meeting on Saturday, where we will start discussing specific ways to counter the more egregious propositions.

In summary, I totally agree with you, but cannot help in your efforts given that it is not in my nature to jump into any pool and just start splashing. My nature is to very specifically identify challenges, identify ways to counter them, and take action based on those ways.

As Mike D. says, "flesh it out."


Marci,You would be especially sensitive to what beans were in what account; if the beans were in any account, or if they were scattered on the floor.
Gary Trieste is the chairman of the Hudson Valley LP.
So your "one bean" jumped all over somebody at national. I commend your pluck. Did it occur to you that there might be other beans to add to that account? Where do the five NY chairs weigh-in on the matter?
Or is there some world where those beans are not relevant?

Jon, (you call me Marci, I call you Jon, OK?). In reply to your closing query, yes, I choose my beans carefully, and choose none that are scattered on the floor. BTW, obviously, my using one example, does not mean that my activism has been limited to it.