How To Undercut Rent Control In SF

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So have a means test to get rent control. Use a cut off point of say $20,000
minimum wages and everybody above that goes off rent control.

there are some courageous politicians who have been talking abt means
testing -- for example doug chan running for sup in dist 4. means testing is
definitely an idea that deserves to be discussed in public discourse.

the shortcomings of rent control have been well known for years -- but the
vested interests who exploit the political power of the renter voter bloc are
loathe to give up the gravy train that flows from control over governmental
purse strings.

there seems to be some degree of local momentum for means testing. this is
an oppty for lpsf to get in front of an issue that is simmering, and already
has a measure of support.

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Dear Sarosh;

Let's get the issue on means testing for rent control to the boiling over point - we don't have a chance to fully repeal rent control but we sure can pull an end run around it and do it in..... :wink:

Ron Getty
SF Libertarian

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