How to End Homelessness

The San Francisco city government spends hundreds of millions of dollars a year on homeless-related programs and services.

  There are reportedly 8,000 people on the streets of San Francisco.

  At the cost listed here, each of them could have a home like this built for them for a total of $12 million.

  But do those who are benefitting from the hundreds of millions of dollars being spent annually on programs and services to "help" the homeless really want to end homelessness?

  Many of them are making a good living from it on the public's dime, and if the problem went away, they would have to go look for other jobs.

  A more important question may be, do ordinary San Franciscans want to end homelessness badly enough to demand an end to the open-ended drain of a $482 million+ a year welfare program for city agencies and non-profit groups on the dole, and start demanding that money be spent actually getting homeless people off the streets by providing them with their own truly affordable housing?

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