How the Government's Lies Become Truth

How the Government's Lies Become Truth
Tuesday, October 02, 2012 – by Paul Craig Roberts

Paul Craig Roberts

In my last column, "A Culture of Delusion," I wrote that "Americans live in a matrix of lies. Lies dominate every
policy discussion, every political decision." This column will use two
top news stories, Iranian nukes and Julian Assange, to illustrate how lies become "truth."

The western Presstitute media uses every lie to demonize the Iranian
government. On September 28 in a fit of unmitigated ignorance, the UK
rag, Mail Online, called the president of Iran a "dictator."
The Iranian presidency is an office filled by popular election, and the
authority of the office is subordinate to the ayatollahs. Assange is
demonized alternatively as a rapist and a spy.

The Western media and the US Congress comprise the two largest whorehouses in human
history. One of their favorite lies is that the Iranian president, Ahmadinejad, wants to kill all the Jews. Watch this 6 minute, 42 second video of Ahmadinejad's meeting with Jewish religious leaders, "Horrifying Graphic Video of Iranian Leader Savagely Abusing
Jews." (Don't be put off by the title. Washington's Blog is making a

Last week the news was dominated by the non-existent but virtually
real Iranian nuclear weapons program. The Israeli prime minister,
Netanyahu, blatantly intervened in the US presidential election,
demanding that Obama specify the "red line" for attacking Iran.

Netanyahu believes his maximum leverage over Obama, the president of
the "world's only superpower," is just prior to the election. Israel
cannot attack Iran on its own without the risk of Israel's destruction.
But Netanyahu reasons that if he attacks Iran the week before the US
election, Obama will have to join in or lose the Jewish vote for not
supporting Israel in states such as Florida, which has a large Jewish
population and many electoral votes. If the election is close,
Netanyahu, a person consumed by arrogance and hubris, might exercise his threat and attack Iran, despite the opposition of former chiefs of
Israeli intelligence and military, the opposition party and a majority
of the Israeli people.

In other words, the outcome of the "superpower's" presidential
election might depend upon whether the sitting president of the
"superpower" is sufficiently obedient to the crazed Israeli prime

That the outcome of the US presidential election could depend upon
the agenda of the prime minister of a tiny country that exists only
because of US financial, military and diplomatic support, especially the UN veto, should disturb those Americans who think that they are the
"indispensable people." How indispensable are you when you have to do
what the Israeli prime minister wants?

The US media makes certain that this question never enters American
minds. Americans have been told that if Iran doesn't have nukes, it has a nuke weapons program. This is what the politicians of both parties, the media and the Israel Lobby tell them. Americans are told this despite
the facts that the CIA and the National Intelligence Estimate stick to the conclusion that
Iran abandoned its flirtation with a nuclear weapon in 2003 and the International Atomic Energy Agency inspectors on the ground in Iran report no evidence of a nuclear
weapons program and no evidence of any diversion of enriched uranium to a weapons program.

Moreover, what could Iran do with a nuclear weapon, other than use it against an aggressor? Any offensive use would result in Iran's

Why do Americans believe Iran has nukes or is making nukes when the
CIA says they are not? The answer is that Netanyahu says so, and the
elected members of the US government in the House, Senate and White
House are afraid to contradict the Israeli prime minister, as are the
American print and TV media. Some "superpower" we are! The
"indispensable people" have to grovel in the dirt before Netanyahu.
Americans are not even aware of their shame.

Iran, unlike Israel, signed the nuclear non-proliferation treaty.
Signatories to the treaty have the right to nuclear energy. Nuclear
energy requires a low level of enrichment, 5% or less. The minute Iran
announced a nuclear energy program, the Israeli government and its
prostitutes in Washington lied that Iran was building a bomb. For
exercising its legal rights under the treaty, Iran has been painted as a rogue criminal state and demonized.

A nuclear weapon requires 95% enrichment. To get to 5% from scratch
and then to 95% is a long, drawn-out process. I think I first started
hearing Israeli government claims of an Iranian nuke back in the 1990s
of last century.

When Iran announced that, in view of the sanctions imposed by the US − sanctions that affect medical supplies − Iran was going to enrich
uranium to 20% in order to supply itself with medical isotopes, the
Israeli allegations that this would lead to a bomb resulted in Iran
saying that the Iranian government was content for France or some other
country to supply their medical isotopes and would not pursue enrichment beyond energy requirements. The US and Russia were also mentioned as

According to the NY Times on September 29, 2011, "the Iranian president told the Washington Post and later, in basically the same terms, the New York Times: 'If you [the United States and Europe] give us uranium grade 20 percent now, we will stop production.'"

On Israel's orders Washington vetoed the Iranian concession. Solving
the problem is not what the Israeli government wants. The problem has to be kept alive so that it can be used to foment an attack on Iran.

The Iranian nuke is one of those grand hoaxes, a lie designed to hide the real agenda.

What is the real agenda?

The real agenda hiding behind the hysterical concern about an Iranian nuke is the rightwing Israeli government's design on the water
resources of southern Lebanon.

Twice the Israeli government sent the Israeli army into southern
Lebanon to occupy and eventually annex the territory. And twice
Hizbollah defeated and drove out the vaunted Israeli army.

The few thousand Hizbollah fighters were able to defeat the Israeli
army, which is equipped and supplied by US taxpayers' dollars while
Americans are foreclosed out of their homes and left unemployed as
Washington applauds the offshoring of their jobs, because Syria and Iran provide Hizbollah with financial support and weapons that destroy
Israeli tanks.
Syria, of course, is currently resisting its destruction by Israel
and its American puppet state. The overthrow of Syria hasn't gone
wellbecause the Russians and Chinese didn't go along with it like they
stupidly did in Libya. But the far rightwing Israeli government has
concluded that with American prestige involved in the overthrow of the
Assad government in Syria, the deed will be done.

That leaves Iran. The Israeli government knows that it cannot be
forthright and say that it wants Americans to go to war with Iran so
that Israel can steal southern Lebanon. But if fear over nonexistent
nukes can muster the Western populations to support an attack on Iran,
Iran can be eliminated as Hizbollah's supplier and Israel can steal the
water from Lebanon.
There is no discussion whatsoever of the real agenda anywhere in the
US print and TV media. I doubt there is any discussion anywhere in
Europe, which is a collection of American puppet states.

Will we get World War III for Christmas? Possibly, if the US election is close as it approaches. If the election is too close to call,
Netanyahu might throw the dice and rely on Obama following his lead.
Iran will be attacked, and the consequences are unknowable.

Let's turn to Julian Assange and Wikileaks. Like Iran, Assange has
been demonized, not on the basis of facts but on the basis of lies.

Washington, which poses as a purveyor of human rights, has been
mistreating if not torturing Bradley Manning since May 2010 without
bringing him to trial in an effort to make Manning say that he and
Assange constitute a spy team working against the US.

Assange is a celebrity because Wikileaks publishes the news leaked to the organization that the Presstitute media suppresses. While in
Sweden, Assange was picked up by two celebrity-hungry women who took him home to their beds. The women later bragged of their conquests on
social media but apparently when they found out that they were rivals,
they turned on the "two-timer" Assange and made charges. One claimed
that he had not used a condom as per her request, and the other claimed
that she had offered one helping but he had taken two.

Whatever the accusations, the Swedish prosecutorial office investigated and dismissed the case.

Despite this known fact, the Western Presstitute media reports that
Assange is a fugitive evading rape charges by hiding in the Ecuadoran
Embassy in London. Even RT, an alternative media voice, has fallen for this disinformation.
After Assange was cleared in Sweden, a female prosecutor has tried to reopen the case. There is no evidence for her to bring charges so she
demanded that England arrest Assange and extradite him to Sweden to be

Normally, people are not subject to extradition for questioning. Only people who have been formally charged are extradited. But this detail
wasn't of interest to the Presstitute media or to the British courts
which ruled as Washington desired.
Opinions vary as to whether the female prosecutor who wants Assange
for questioning is an ideological feminist who believes no heterosexual
sex is legitimate or whether she is in the pay of Washington. But
experts agree that once Assange is in Sweden he is certain to be turned
over to Washington, which will demand his extradition on trumped-up
charges. Extradition on trumped-up charges is difficult in England but
easy in Sweden.

Assange offered to be questioned in London, but the female prosecutor refused. Now the Ecuadoran Embassy is offering to send Assange to the
Ecuadoran Embassy in Sweden to be questioned but Washington, London and
the Swedish prosecutor have refused. They want Assange without the
protection of the asylum that Ecuador has granted him.
Washington has now made this obvious. John Glaser, writing in, September 26, 2012, reports: "Newly declassified documents have
revealed that the US military designated WikiLeaks founder Julian
Assange an enemy of the state, who can be killed or detained without

Assange is Washington's enemy because he let the truth get out.
WikiLeaks is a journalistic enterprise, not a spy enterprise. It
publishes information, some of which is leaked to it by whistleblowers,
just as the Pentagon Papers were leaked to the New York Times.
The information leaked to WikiLeaks has embarrassed Washington because
it shows Washington to be two-faced, a manipulator of other countries'
governments and medias and overflowing with mendacity.
In other words, Washington is not the light upon the hill but the gates of Hell or Mordor.

Assange had best be careful. If he again speaks to supportive crowds
from a balcony of the Ecuadoran Embassy in London, he is likely to be
shot down by a CIA sniper.

Approved by Obama, of course. Or his successor.