How goldman lowers for election

In general I don't like
conspiraciey theories, but
the fact that we have a
nineteenth century
financial system
entrenched in 1862 with
the legal tender laws,
further entrenched by the
setablishment of the New
York centric Federal
Reserve,which is not
Federal being centrally
controlled by private
bankers in New York and
foreign banks, not a
reserve system as there
are a tiny amount of
reserves, not a system, as
it is controlled in New
York and washington. Be
that as it may, both
Clinton and Bush have
brought in CEO's from
Goldman Sachs to run the
Treasury. Here is what
Goldman Sachs did to
manipulate unleaded for
the election...


In a nutshell they control a
commodity fund that has tens of
billions of dollars and that
other players follow. They
reduced the percentage of
unleaded gas in the fund index in
july. They and many other large
players were forced to sell
unleaded contracts to reduce
thier exposure to those in
adjusted fund. all I gotta say is
that is good to be king. Enjoy it
while it lasts. Fill er up!

Tim Redmond wrote me back with an
edited version of my letter. I
tried to divert some of the
attention from guns. I am sick of
the whole thing so will not
bother you with the reply. We
will see what he prints. After
the fantastic reception I got
from Misha and Pam Pam, I now
have a thoroughly sour taste from
priveledged white liberals. It's
much more fun to stick closer to
the ground where Pam Pam and
Misha are face to face with the
devil. I have to apologize to
Starchild for getting him bogged
down with guns. Tim was gunning
for us when walked, and I
obliged. Lesson learned.

Also listen to Pelosi embrace GWB
on the first page of my website