How do we deal with the mentally unstable in a Libertarian manner? [PRESS RELEASE - Hon Michael R. Bloombergs Decision - Finan-Bloomberg 2008-12 VERY URGENT - PLEASE FORWARD IMMEDIATELY]

This is so sad. I think we should set up a charity for Libertarian Party members who lose their minds. Since we oppose using government to force people like this into taking meds or entering treatment facilities, we ought to have a Libertarian alternative available -- perhaps something with a cash incentive to convince people to voluntarily commit themselves for treatment once our team of doctors have recognized a need for that. I don't know. But there has got to be a solution. The LP doesn't make people crazy, but it tends to draw those who are already unstable, especially those with severe paranoia, into our Party due to our common distrust of government. This probably constitutes an "attractive nuisance," and since I don't see us changing our healthy distrust of government, I think we have a moral (though of course not legal) duty to have a mechanism to deal with those with unhealthy paranoia about government and other disorders who join our Party.

And if the program we came up with were successful, imagine the press it would get. It could also be a pilot for other programs (such as here in SF, where a sizable percentage of the homeless population is mentally unstable), where people clearly need help, but there's no mechanism to get them into treatment.


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  I appreciate that you were probably writing this tongue-in-cheek! But on the offhand chance you were partly serious, I'd like to add that given the LP doesn't make people crazy, it seems to me that if we wanted to offer some kind of assistance, it should be oriented toward health in general and not specifically mental health. After all, we arguably *do* contribute to the poor *physical* health of our members by holding our meetings at pizza restaurants. And that way we wouldn't see media stories like, "Libertarian Party offers program to test its members for mental instability."

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Aw....come on PK...why be political if not a malcontent?

We have had issues and removed from the list some who were impolite or disrespectful but never because they were a crank, hack, conspiracy theorist or malcontent. Personally, I'm more comfortable with them than the status quo who seem completely oblivious to how bad they have allowed things to get.


Isn't the typical approach to endorse them as candidates? :wink: