How America Lost The War On Drugs

Dear Everyone;

An excellent well written researched article from Rolling Stone on how America blew $500 billion and incarcerated 500,000 in its lost War On Drugs. You will probably will want to download and print it out. It is well worth the time to read it.

It covers the Drug Wars from Nixon's creating the DEA to the current imboglio and the untold waste and lost lives due to - surprise surprise - government stupidity and as always the unintended consequences of that government stupidity. At one time a Nixon administration commission was considering legalizing marijuana?!?!?

From the arrogance and hubris from the DEA to the Drug Czars to political leaders makes your blood boil and the fact it took place on the taxpayers dollars when it did not have to take place in the first place.

This second article is a followup to the Rolling Stone article from Slate and thoroughly recommends the article.

Of course the War On Drugs follows the same patterns of the War on Poverty and the Global War on Terror and the War on Polluters and and all the other Wars On _____ fill in the blank space.

Ron Getty
SF Libertarian