Homeland Security Saves Boston Airport from Sparkly LED Jewelry

Obviously our homeland security investment is paying HUGE dividends! Stories like this make me feel safe and secure in our Brave New World.




MIT Sophomore Arrested at Logan For Wearing LED Device
By Angeline Wang
September 21, 2007
A. Simpson ’10, wearing a circuit board that lit up and was connected
to a battery, was arrested at gunpoint at Logan Airport this morning
and was charged with disturbing the peace and possessing a hoax device.
Simpson was released on $750 bail earlier today; her pre-trial hearing
is scheduled for Oct. 29, 2007 at 9 a.m. in East Boston District Court.
Simpson (a former Tech
photographer) was wearing the device, which included green LEDs
arranged in the shape of a star, during yesterday’s MIT Career Fair.
Her defense attorney said she was at the airport to pick up her
boyfriend who arrived at Logan this morning.
Simpson approached
an information booth in Logan’s Terminal C this morning wearing the
light-up device, Assistant Suffolk District Attorney Wayne Margolis
said during Simpson’s arraignment today. She “said it was a piece of
art,” Margolis said, and “refused to answer any more questions.”
Margolis said this caused several Logan employees to flee the building.
Margolis also said that Simpson had been wearing the art at least a few
days. After asking about an incoming flight, Simpson then walked to the
baggage claim area, Margolis said.
Simpson had Play-Doh in her
hands when at the information desk, said State Police Maj. Scott Pare
told the Associated Press in a press conference this morning. Simpson
was confronted at a traffic island outside Terminal C by state troopers
with submachine guns, and she was arrested at approximately 8 a.m., the
AP reported. State police determined that the device was not a bomb
after her arrest.
“She followed instructions as was required by
the State Police and within minutes [Explosive Ordinance Disposal] unit
found that it was an innocuous device and we took her into custody,”
Pare said at the press conference, according to Channel 5 News.
“Thankfully, because she followed instructions as was required, she
ended up in a cell as opposed to the morgue. Had she not followed
instructions, deadly force may have been used.”

When msnbc news reported this story, they said the clay was attached to
the circuit board and was shaped to resemble a bomb. Later that wording
was removed, and the article acknowledged that the clay was in her
hands. They were obviously trying very hard to make it look plausible
that someone carrying a bomb into an airport would wear it around her
neck and approach the information booth, which was important in
justifying the homicidal wishes of the police.