The Siskiyou County Board of Supervisors voted overwhelmingly to support the Declaration to Withdraw from the State of California.

Now the hard work begins. We need 10 or 15 more Declarations before the next legislative session begins next year. We need everyone who knows how to work social media to help to get the message out to friends or relatives in Sacramento, the San Francisco Bay Area and Los Angeles that we need to separate the State. Our problems and our populations are so diverse that California has become ungovernable. We desperately need local representation to help us break out of our economic downturn. We need local bottom up representation or our children will have no future in their own homes. All of you who say you want to help. This is how you can do it!!! Make five phone calls per day. Go on your face book. Send people to www.jeffersondeclaration.net help us get popular support for this necessary cause. Our lives will never change for the better unless we can succeed at this. We must have pressure from the south to their legislators or there

is no hope of success. Enough talking, lets get to work. If you have questions get in contact with one of us or write to jeffersondeclaration@.... If you have my contact information, feel free to contact me. I will respond as quickly as I can. Ladies and Gentlemen. We can win this. We have a lot of talented and intelligent people pulling for the State of Jefferson.