Hitting the invisible "Dislike" button on Facebook - Re: [sfbarentersfed] 3 more likes till our Facebook page reaches 300!

It has nothing to do with housing Jehan, other than the fact that both the housing issue and the issues with Facebook have to do with people trying to exercise inappropriate levels of control over others (in the case of housing, the whole government planning and regulatory regime that causes a housing shortage by routinely violating property rights and interfering with new homes being built at an affordable cost).

  Your point that Facebook is "just too convenient for me to stop using" aptly illustrates the problem and the danger to which I allude. Even if you aren't willing to stop using the site at this point -- a decision I understand and respect -- I think it is a very interesting hypothetical question to ask yourself how much they COULD impose on your freedom or become a menace to freedom in general before you WOULD stop using them? In other words, where would you draw the line.

Love & Liberty,
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