Hitting the invisible "Dislike" button on Facebook - Re: [sfbarentersfed] 3 more likes till our Facebook page reaches 300!

Facebook has locked me out of my account because they want me to prove my identity to them. I have been concerned about the amount of information they are accumulating on people for some time as the dominant social network, especially when I see other websites requiring you to log into Facebook in order to comment on those sites, which I refuse to do. I can imagine an eventuality where virtually any popular site you want to visit requires you to log into Facebook, and employers and government start requiring people to provide their Facebook identities (some employers reportedly already do this).

  The line where we finally choose freedom over convenience has to be drawn somewhere, and I am drawing it here. I am not going to send them any ID. I told them if they don't want to let me use my name, Starchild, then they should delete my account (see correspondence below).

Love & Liberty,
                               ((( starchild )))

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I have long suspected that these websites that require you to like them on
Facebook or to log onto them through Facebook are using this to steal your
password and user name.

They can easily read what your type on your computer.

Sam Sloan

Doesn't Jeb Bush carry ID that says John Ellis Bush? He is on Facebook:
Jeb Bush

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Jeb Bush43rd Governor of the State of Florida |
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Harland HarrisonLP of San Mateo County CA