historical terrorism question

I'm posting this a few places. Will pay a trifle for information:

The War Party says that if "we" "give in" to the "terrorists" "they"
will only use more terror to press for further demands.

Surely there are counter examples. Partisans of country Y claim
oppression by government of country X, use "terrorist" tactics
against country X. Country X withdraws occupation forces from or
otherwise stops oppressing the people of country Y, partsians of
country Y no longer terrorize citizens of country X, or similar.
Can anyone point me to historical examples? I'm not interested
in examples where the oppressed defeat an oppressor by force, rather
when the oppressor "gives in" in the face of "terrorism" without
any immediate prospect of military defeat.

I suspect there aren't many good examples, as the state abhors
giving up power, but I'm hoping there are some.

I'll send $40 paypal to the first person to document (very briefly
make the case that the example qualifies, and point to at least two
non-biased descriptions -- a wikipedia article could be one) each
distinct example, up to the first five qualifying examples total.
If you don't want $40 I'll donate $50 to antiwar.com in your name.
I reserve the right to judge what qualifies for reward.