Historic Annual anti-Federal Reserve #StStupidsDayParade

¿Will this be another missed opportunity for FREE public outreach & recruiting during a S/Election Year for the SFLP? At most You might want to create/pay for some professional looking placards with witty/engaging slogans for Libertarians to March/Demonstrate with.

The historic annual massive #StStupidsDayParade will be hitting the streets, from the TransAmerica Pyramid to Washington Square Park, on Monday 1 April 2024 starting at 12pm/Noon. ¿Has the SFLP had a significant conspicuous representative contingent at these FUN events in the past, StarChild? Regardless of Our new graphic; this is largely, primarily, a CLOTHED/COSTUMED event for those of Y’all who are phobic toward #TheHumanBody ( ¿including Your own? ) or programmed to be addicted to or OBEY #bodymask mandates.

background :
*Saint Stupids Day The Movie FULL on Vimeo
*St. Stupid's Day | Holiday | Checkiday.com.

Demonstrators at the historic annual [ Monday ] April 1st #StStupidsDayParade in San Francisco stopping at the @SFFed to “ProTest the #USgovt Casino Economy”

“Bishop Joey” explains why the 1st Station of the annual Monday 1 April #StStupidsDayParade is The SF Federal Reserve [ @SFFed ].
Watch: Saint Stupids Day The Movie FULL on Vimeo .