Hillary Clinton's "slip of the tongue". She tells what she would do "as president again".

Good point!

Opinion Commentary, Nov. 8-15, asks the question, “Why not socialized medicine?”. The author implies “socialism” evokes a knee-jerk response and the press won’t challenge the assumption socialism is somehow evil. I have no doubt that the author and most people advocating socialized medicine have the best of intentions - - - the road to hell is paved, none-the-less, with good intentions!

Remember the suffering of agent orange victims, who were so long unable to get the government to accept this as anything other than “just in your mind” or remember the soldiers that suffered with “gulf-war syndrome” - - - “all in your mind”, they said. Recently several Democrat Congressmen have been very outspoken on TV about how the government runs its prisons and the VA hospitals. These are government run programs they are complaining about!

Democrats seem to be unhappy with the Bush Administration. They complain constantly in the pages of this paper that Bush hates children and is responsible for everything from Katrina to the fires in Southern California. Republicans I’ve talked with seem much more forgiving. A strange irony - - - the Republicans are reasonably happy with the government but want it to do less and be a smaller part of our lives, while the Democrats are unhappy and want it to do more. We need to remember, however, that if Hillary had done her job during the Clinton Administration (“Hillary Health Care”), Bush or his appointees would now be in charge of our medical care.