Hey, Berkeley, Want To Be Really Antiwar?

To our peaceful allies at Code Pink....

Michael Denny

Libertarian Party of San Francisco

Thanks for posting this, Mike. Randall Bentz's admonition that "the (U.S. Marine Corps) does not create policy; it follows that which it is given" applies equally to the other government agencies he suggests the city should support protests against. If protests against the Marines are "misdirected" as he claims, then the protests against the other federal agencies that he recommends would be misdirected as well. But by the same token, if protests against the Marines *are* justified, then protests against other federal agencies are justified!

  By and large however, Bentz makes some excellent suggestions here. The federal government will start feeling the heat of public opinion when local representatives start making it clear that they are willing to apply pressure to all its various branches as opportunities to do so present themselves, and not merely rail ineffectively against one narrow aspect of the beast. We need members of local government who will put their money where their mouths are and their political capital on the line by taking the controversial actions really needed to rein in the Feds' abusive use of power.

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Animated video on the philosophy of liberty:

Hear hear...you are so right. The situation is already so dangerous
people need to speak out while words still are allowed and have some