Here's an interesting strategy I couldget behind

Well, I consider pandering saying things that you don't really believe just
to get votes. Many politicians do this and I try not to vote for them.
Sometimes it's hard. One's registration is irrelavant I vote for issues.
I know that many people vote like it is some game, like the 49ers vs the
Raiders or something. This is not a very wise way to vote and one of the
reasons we have so many problems today. I always hope that the politicians
will raise above this - - - they never do. I think most people want to live
their lives without too much government interference. That means most
people are conservative or at least more conservative than they say they
are. Many people like to talk about how generous "we" should be with
government money, until they reallize it is their money. I usually vote
for the candidate that I feel will do the best job and this may cover a
number of issues including the candidates "world view". If the candidate
comes across as one who supports only other candidates of the same party -
- - we call them "political hacks" - - - I tend not to vote for them unless
this is a question of "world views". Have you read, "Conflict of Cultures"
by Tom Sowell? Anyway I don't mind any of your questions and I see my
husband has given some views of his own - - - he is a little more
conservative than I am but we agree on most of the big issues. Thanks for
writing - - -

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