Here we go again!

In recognition of Tuesday’s fiscally dubious action by the House of Representatives (see House passes two-tiered stopgap bill to avert shutdown - Roll Call), it seems like an apropos moment to show some insensitivity to taxpayers and future generations by sharing some creative and funny work that makes light of “our” problems.

Back in 2011, when the federal debt stood at “only" $14 trillion, an Arab-American comedian scored an unlikely hit with a hip-hop video collaboration with Reason.TV (video filmed and produced by Meredith Bragg) that’s received over 767,000 views on YouTube:

Now, with the U.S. government owing more than twice what it did when his first single came out, Remy Munasifi and Reason have celebrated this achievement by putting out an updated sequel (with lyrics:

Scroll down for lyrics!

You can also check out a whole bunch of other Remy music video parodies here – Remy | Reason Archives.

How unsustainable is the federal printing spree? Will it still be inspiring Remy raps in another decade? Stay tuned!

Love & Liberty,

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