Henry George School free walking tour tonight? Medical marijuana town hall meeting?


I'd like to go on the walk next Monday (the 25th). I have other plans

How does that sound?


I was planning to go on the free Henry George School walking tour tonight (6pm - 830pm, leaving from 312 Mason Street), and then I remembered there's also a medical marijuana town hall meeting (6pm - 9pm, 777 Valencia Street) happening.

  Anyone else care to join me at either of these events? Please call me at (415) 621-7932 or (415) 368-8657 if you'd like to meet up.

Groove on,
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I won't be able to go next Monday, I'll be out of the country. But by all means go yourself, and try to take good notes!

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I'm pretty swamped at work so I'm not going to make it to the walk
tonight. Was anyone else thinking of going?