Helping The Yes on B Campaign

For example, today I was a couple of minutes late to a meeting with a client, because around 20 or so motorcycle police and around 5 or so squad cars zoomed at dangerous speeds clearing the way for one freaking black limo and what looked like one black hearst. My shouting out of my car window "What a waste of taxpayer money" did not make a dent on the proceedings. Does anyone think that all that 10-B program largess is going to stop? There is no proposition on earth that will. However, good to shake any available stick at the blood suckers. Thanks for attending the meeting, Mike.


Thanks Marcy....have you seen the ads that just started today? They say "If Prop B passes, THOUSANDS of San Franciscans could be paying considerably more for their health care. In fact, a single mother could possibly end up paying $5K more a year for coverage for her and her child."....or something like that.

What they don't say is that these "San Franciscans" are the relatives of former employees on pension. This is a big campaign to stop this. The mayor, Nancy Pelosi and many more are pictured on the door hangers all over my neighborhood today as endorsers.

The crooks are pulling out all the stops on this one....

Oh, of course! My guess is the public employees' unions are emptying their coffers on this one! LPSF proposed fighting back might be subscribing to Constant Contact and e-mailing our views to anyone we have e-mails for?