Helping The Yes on B Campaign

Dear All;

The Yes on B campaign has requested volunteers who can walk a precinct or work a
phone bank.This is the contact information.

Ron Getty

Yes on Prop B is in the final stages of the Campaign, we have 45 days to
contact San Francisco voters and we need your support. Every weekend from now
until November 2, We are Gathering at 910 Harrison Street to walk
neighborhoods. We are also setting up Volunteer teams to Phone bank through out
the week. If you are interesting in Volunteering, please contact us e-mail, or
Call the Yes On B Office @ 415-593-5575.

Thanks for going to this, Mike. I thought about it myself, but wasn't
able to make it. I'm curious to hear anything you may recall about who
all was at the hearing, and what they said.

Love & Liberty,
        ((( starchild )))

You can watch the entire event here