Help Stop SB2 - Universal Healthcare

Hi all,

For those of you keeping up with the laws affecting business and the
state of the economy in California here is a great one. I have 100
petitions and would happily mail you some. We need to have the
petitions in by November 17. I will be at the East Bay Libs meeting
on Thursday. Any voter can sign this, your petitions can only be
from one county, but the person collecting can be from anywhere.

Spread the news! We cannot let SB2 survive. It will kill California
business and our economy.

Best regards,

Jen Komaromi

Help Stop the Multibillion-Dollar Government-Run Health Care Tax

Request your petition forms

(October 31, 2003) The California Chamber of Commerce and other
business groups are
leading a petition drive to qualify a referendum that would stop
Senate Bill 2
(Burton; D-San Francisco) from becoming law. This legislation would
impose a $7
billion tax on employers and workers to fund a mandatory government-
run health care

Nearly 400,000 valid signatures must be gathered and returned in the
next few weeks
in order to meet the Secretary of State's deadline to qualify for the
March 2004
ballot. Paid petition circulators are out in force, but the Chamber
is also mounting
a volunteer effort to allow California businesses to actively
participate in the
drive to repeal this multibillion-dollar health care tax on employers
and employees.

Petition forms may be requested by filling out the
attached form and
faxing it to the campaign, or by e-mailing
Richard@… Labels will be included to return the signed
petitions to
the petition-gathering firm.

instructions will be included with petitions, but here are a few
important points
to remember:

* Only registered voters may sign a petition. Be sure to ask if the
person is a
registered voter.

* Any California resident eligible to register to vote may collect
signatures and
sign the petitions as a circulator.

* Circulators must personally witness all signatures. Please don't
leave petitions
unattended on a counter or desk, for example. Someone must be present
to witness all
the signatures on that petition and sign as the petition circulator.

* Each petition form may include signatures from only one county.
petitions may be necessary if you are gathering signatures at events
attended by
voters from different counties or if you receive a large number of
visitors from
multiple counties.

* It is not necessary for the circulator to be a resident of the
same county in
which the petition signers reside.

* All information must be filled out in the signers and circulators
handwriting. You cannot fill in information for a voter, and no
stamps or labels are
acceptable. Initials are not acceptable.

* Signers must include their street addresses or the signature
won't count. Post
office boxes may not be used as a residence address.

* Do not separate the signature page from the body of the petition.
The petition
is eight pages long, and must be returned intact.

"Senate Bill 2 is the worst job killer passed by the California
Legislature in
years, and it is imperative that voters have the opportunity to
decide if they want
to pay $7 billion for a government-run healthcare system," said
Richard Costigan,
Chamber vice president of government relations. "In the coming weeks,
the Chamber
will let you know what else you can do to help stop this job killer
from becoming