Help Lee Horne get elected in Louisana!

T. Lee Horne, III, Louisiana Libertarian Gubernatorial Candidate, has reached the final three months of the campaign and with the election for Governor of Louisiana on October 20th the heat in Louisiana's gubernatorial race has really picked up.

  a.. Volunteers have been hosting booths at various fairs and festivals
  b.. Over 125 T-shirts have been distributed including to volunteers working on a telethon
  c.. 10,000+ palm cards have been distributed
  d.. 10,000+ business card magnets have been distributed
  e.. Volunteers have entered in 9 parades with a Lee Horne for Governor float
  f.. Lee himself was in 6 of the parades
  g.. Lee has been invited to, attended, and addressed several Ron Paul meetup groups, gaining many new supporters for the Horne campaign.
Lee has made over 100 public appearances, been included in 50 print articles, has 18 television mentions and 5 television appearances. He has been interviewed numerous times on the radio all across the state. Over the next 10 days he will be participating in a major forum, two radio interviews, and a Meet and Greet Fundraiser. He is really working hard to make this happen and it has been a non-stop ride for everyone involved.

On the LP candidate tracker, which seeks to measure viable LP candidates, Lee's media score is a 200 and his public appearance score is a 306... (He's only got an overall score of 86 due solely to the poor weighting that the LP gives to the number of candidates (7) in the race - Louisiana has "open primaries" in which all of the candidates run against one another. Lee is currently running against 6 opponents in a statewide race. There are three Democrats, two Republicans, and one Independent running against Lee. Louisiana doesn't have Republican and Democratic nominations. They have a single open primary and the top two performers go to the runoff. With that many running, Lee could be one of those two!)

Just a few weeks ago, we purchased yard signs. In only two weeks, we are already out of signs and had to order more.
The campaign had its final commercial video shoot earlier this month and is almost ready to put them on the air. Several of the other campaigns have purchased over 1 million dollars in campaign ads and the media has really taken to those candidates and is reporting on them because of their large buys. Our campaign is ready to purchase ads but we need your help!! Even a small donation will buy us television time!

The major debate sponsors are already working to exclude us. The threshold to get in the two televised debates has been set at raising $250,000 and spending it all, or be polling 5% in a non-partisan, independent poll. A radio only debate is setting a 7% to 10% level to be in that debate. If everyone who gets this email would donate even just $10, we'd reach $250,000 raised...

We need you to donate as much as possible so we can reach Louisiana with a Libertarian message of smaller government. The campaign has done the research, put in the time, but now we can't go it alone. We need your help. Will you let this opportunity pass you by or will you donate today? Please help us make this happen in Louisiana. Please take the time and visit our website and donate generously.

Vinson Mouser
Campaign Manager
T. Lee Horne, III for Governor

P.S. The media has really focused on the candidate's buying of air time. Your donation will not only help us get on the air with our television commercials, it may well be responsible for helping to keep Lee's name in the papers. Please donate today.