Hard Hitting Ballot Measures For Your Consideration

Dear Phil;

Thanks for the additional ideas for more hard hitting initiatives for the list:

32. Repeal all "not in my neighborhood" protective legislation regarding Big Box retailers and small box retailers and chain retailers from opening in any neighborhood zoned for retail stores.

What we need is a Wal-Mart store to open as Wal-Mart sells the best possibel products at the lowest possible prices which means low income people can stretch their dollars further. And their is the issue of employment. I would be willing to bet if a Wal-Mart opened the number of applicatiosn for the standrad 400 store positoions would run in the neighborhood of 10,000 or more. That is what the usual number runs at new big city wal-marts. Chicago had 15,000 applications for their new South Side store.

This despite the grouches who complain the pay - hours - benefits are lousy - unh hunh!

33. Repeal the plastic bag ban.

34. Repeal the pay day check advance loan store opening legislation.

Remember - send the ideas for new initiatives - we'll put'm on the list for discussion at the LPSF meeting Saturday April 14th at Milano's 3:00 pm.

Ron Getty
SF Labertarian