Happy Holidays from Thea Selby for District 5 Supervisor 2012

Hi Thea,

  Thanks for your message. Myself and other members of the local libertarian community would be interested in learning more about your positions, specifically how you feel on issues of civil liberties and economic freedom versus government control.

  If you are willing to answer the questions on the quiz below and get back to us, that would be a great basis on which to start a conversation. Hope you are enjoying your holiday season!

Love & Liberty,
                                  ((( starchild )))

In the "score" column, give yourself 10 points if you think YOU should decide,
0 points if you think government should decide, and 5 points if you are unsure.
Then add up the score columns, and then put a dot where the two totals meet on the chart
Please do NOT show your opinions on the topics themselves, but rather
your opinion, simply, of WHO should make the decisions on them.
Personal Freedom
WHO should decide
whether or not you:
  Send your child to a particular school?
  Wear a seatbelt?
  Allow smoking in your own establishment?
  Smoke marijuana?
  Serve in the military?
  Own a gun?
  Buy a pornographic video?
  Have any kind of (consenting adults) sex?
  Use a risky medical treatment?
  Have uncensored access to the Internet?
  Subtotal for each column:
  Total Personal Freedom score: