Hampton and Garamendi shine in Forum

H.'s favorite guy is informed and wants to audit the Fed. should we consider recommending him.

Adriel was very active following the mayoral race when I ran. He was a
great guy and seemed very interested in the Libertarian message. We
spoke many times during the campaign and had many interesting
conversations. When he worked for the DA in SF he was a regular at H's
Friday lunches before I was put on his "shit list" for suggesting his
belief that government (that entity he is so correctly cynical about)
was going to solve our problems was due to his admitted alcohol and drug
excesses. Oh well...so much for my diplomacy.

We got the chance to meet Adriel again when we (Starchild, Chris Madden
and others) went to visit the new editor of the Examiner some years
back. He had just started working there as a reporter. He saw us and
came over to say hello and was interested that we were there.

If there is no Libertarian candidate in the race I say we jump on his
campaign like "ducks on a June bug". He is a lefty but very open, highly
intelligent, really cares and is YOUNG. I'd be happy to reach out and
make a personal connection. Money is always nice...maybe we can take a
collection and work with the East Bay LP on getting involved with the

I don't know if there's anyone on the discuss list that isn't on the
Activists list but just in case, I've copied it to that list too. This
is an activists item IMHO.


The LP of Contra Costa County has been discussing the 10th District race quite a bit, but hasn't been able to recruit a candidate yet. We've had some new faces appearing at our recent meetings (lots of interest from Campaign for Liberty people expanding their contacts to include LP meetup groups), but when we go over the process of filing papers to run, collecting nominating signatures as well as in lieu signatures, and raising money for a campaign in a tight economy, their enthusiasm clearly drops.


P.S. On another related topic, I received a personal letter from my own congress-critter, Pete Stark last week, thanking me for writing to him to encourage him to support Ron Paul's Audit the Fed bill. He not only agreed to support the bill, but signed on as a co-sponsor. I've receive form letters and terse email acknowledgments from him in the past, but this was the first time I've actually gotten a personally signed letter from the guy.