halloween candy, plus a slimjim or RonPaul-DVD




  I just got around to checking out this link... terrific idea! We don't really get trick-or-treaters in my neighborhood, but I think this could be really effective for those who do. I'd attach a little note or something giving people a hint what the DVD is about though -- otherwise people might be disappointed or annoyed to start watching it if they had no interest. Of course if you hand it to them directly with the Slim Jim they'd probably figure it out, but I think the DVD by itself might go over better for Halloween.

  One idea for some text:

"Halloween is a delightful tradition that revolves around being scary in a good way.
But the United States turning into a police state -- that's scary in a bad way!
This DVD is shared by a volunteer for a presidential candidate who's trying to stop it from happening.
I hope you will check it out and consider joining our local Meetup group. Happy Halloween!"

  Another idea would be to have a scary "police state" type graphic on the DVD, such as one of these:

  Optionally, the person distributing the DVDs could add his/her name/signature and contact info, or at least the address for the local Ron Paul Meetup list.

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