H. Brown's scoop on 7 Mil bond for SPUR

Maybe we really should mount acandidate against Duffy.

Bulldog 2007 Article 171


"Whose couch you gonna sleep on?"

(Peskin reacts to Bulldog D-3 candidacy)

"I'm giving you a parrot for your birthday."

(Dawg to Peskin)

"Will you continue your scurrilous attacks on Gavin?"

(Dawg to Hank Plant who ran away)

"Niners pass rush slower than MUNI."

(to season ticket holder, Harvey Rose)

"SPUR is no friend to San Franciscans!"

(preaching to Budget and Finance Committee)

2. 071533 (Issuance and Sale of Tax-Exempt Bonds - San Francisco

Planning and Urban Research Association)

Supervisors Peskin, Dufty

Resolution approving the issuance and sale of tax-exempt

bonds by the California Municipal Finance Authority in

an aggregate principal amount not to exceed $7,000,000

to finance and refinance the acquisition and construction

of capital facilities owned by San Francisco Planning and

Urban Research Association or an affiliate.

(item Peskin & Dufty tried to sneak through)

SPUR opposed sick leave for the working class, non-disclosure of your personal information, a senior housing bond, regulation of chain stores, a curb on street advertising by Clear Channel and Question Time for the Mayor. They favored the lame Wi-Fi franchise that will put our geeks at a competitive disadvantage of 300 to 1 (that's how much faster Tokyo's fiber optic network is - and it's twice as cheap) for at least 15 years.

SPUR is a Downtown tentacle. They are nothing but a PR firm spinning one horrendous Redevelopment project after another. Former SPUR head, Steve Chappell called them: "A Citizens Advisory Committee for the Redevelopment Agency.". That's not a good thing.

Why should the City co-sign for a group who does not give a shit about the average San Franciscan? Why not co-sign for Mission Anti-Displacement or SFPO?

What does it mean that the City will back SPUR's use of this money for facilities owned by "an affiliate"? Is SFSOS and affiliate? How about the Committee on Jobs? Can they build a clubhouse on Lincoln Golf Course with the money?

Tom Ammiano joined public comment folks (Peskin kept bringing up City staff to say it was all OK and just dug a deeper hole) . Ammiano got Peskin to delay sending the matter to the Full Board ten minutes after this 'Special' hearing to fulfill the public input requirement. But, Peskin only put it off for 24 hours. The item was continued to today's regular session of the Board's Budget and Finance Committee. Go testify if you have the chance. Pass it on to others concerned. Watch both the Special hearing from yesterday (11-13-07) and today's hearing (11-14-07) when you get the chance.

There will be 8 seats on the Board up in November.

Wanna bet?



  We did, last year. Me. Unfortunately I received minimal assistance from LPSF members in my campaign. Now Dufty will not be up for reelection until 2010, when I believe he may be termed out of office anyway. The only alternative would be to mount a recall effort. But I would not recommend it even if I thought we had the resources. He is quite possible the *least* politically vulnerable member of the Board of Supervisors, and does not seem to be anywhere near the worst in libertarian terms. Better would be to start going to Board of Supervisor meetings and speaking out on issues like this.

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