Gun Show at the Cow Palace September 13 & 14

Marcy….do you know if those working the table still have to pay the $10 admission charge?


Hi All,

Although I am not into the gun culture at all, I am concerned about how the Second Amendment is often dismissed, as if it did not exist. That is why I voted for LPSF to participate in this upcoming Gun Show on September 13/14, and will volunteer to help with the tabling.

The cost of freedom is not only "eternal vigilance" but also giving of one's time and treasure. The monetary cost to LPSF of participating in this Gun Show is $110. Please consider lending your help in this LPSF effort with a small donation. Also consider volunteering, or visiting the show.

Our PayPal button at is at the ready!


Hi Mike,

Good question. I will make sure to find out from Aubrey and post the information here. This is my first time volunteering for the show, so I cannot say for sure. However, I recall Aubrey mentioning he did not pay the admission fee when he volunteered.


No, we haven't had to pay the admission fee that I'm aware of (have tabled there a couple times myself). Maybe there is some upper number of volunteers at which extra people working the tables would have to pay, but if so I'm not aware that it's ever come into play for us. Dan has usually handled the set-up arrangements and probably knows better than anyone -- I'm copying him on this message.

Love & Liberty,
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