Gun owners need to fight NOW!

There is not one mention of any legislator who sponsored, promoted, or voted for this legislation and it is already too late.
But these so-called gun-rights hucksters and clowns want you to believe they are on your side, counting on your desperation to keep give them money, while the perpetrators of the problem keep them in business, without mention.
The perpetrators are no better than thieves and traitors, yet they will continue to enjoy their seats in the legislature, while useless phone calls are made to the Governor and these clowns take your checks to the bank.
This issue is already a done-deal and the hucksters were in on the fix, waiting until the bill is on the governor's desk, to make their pitch.
A fool and his guns are quickly separated. I hope their are some people on this list with the savvy to have otherwise and set out to make sure the perpetrators never have a good day, for the political nightmare they will always awaken to.
Don't bother with a call to the governor. Instead make a call to the FPC and tell them they will never get a cent for a stunt like this and that every effort will be made to make sure of it. Then maybe they can become an ally instead of an enemy.