Gun-Grabbers Humiliated

A few months ago, when the supposedly anti-2nd Amendment Obama refused to reinstitute the Assault Weapons Ban (enacted by the supposedly pro-2nd Amendment GOP Congress), there were floods of media outrage and fake 'documentaries' about the torrent of 'assault weapons' going into Mexican drug cartels and street gangs. The media assured us that unscrupulous gun-dealers were behind this national-epidemic-of-the month.

   Notice, though, the media has been a little more reticient about reporting recent ATF sting operations which have netted a serving Navy Seal and three Marines trafficking in assault weapons 'confiscated' from Iraq. I can't wait until --- inevitably--- an earlier prediction of mine comes true and a few ICE agents get bagged as well.

   I don't mean to crow, since it was prediction that anyone who thought about it for five minutes could have made. The Assault Weapons Ban did what every government ban does---created a black market that would be exploited by those who had a monopoly in the banned product. A provision of the Assault Weapons Ban, and many similar gun laws now in place, contain exemptions for military, police, and other government officials. So, if there is a flood of assault weapons going to gangs, who would be the mostly likely source---Bob's Gun Shop or the Pentagon?

  I don't expect the Corporate Media to put the same effort into exposing government corruption that it did with its absurd innuendoes about private gun ownership anytime soon, though.

Thanks for this Eric....

Just a moment, Eric -- You're saying Obama refused to sign to extend the "assault weapons" ban? Why? Was he hoping for new, more restrictive legislation to replace it? Surely he hasn't suddenly found religion when it comes to respecting the right to keep and bear arms. What's the story here?

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  Obama made the statement at summit with Mexican President Calderon and said that his reasons for letting the Assault Weapons Ban expire was that the American people were decidedly against its renewal. He did say that he personally supported the ban, but felt it would be unpopular.

  Overall, if one looks at 2nd Amendment issues since the 1980s, the Republicans' record on gun rights has been far worse than the Democrats. How the GOP gets away with posturing as the defenders of gun rights is something I'll never understand!

Hmm. So Congress actually renewed the ban and Obama refused to sign it? Or Congress never renewed it and showed no signs of doing so, and Obama, being a politician, decided to make a virtue of necessity?

  Certainly Republican politicians have been poor defenders of gun rights, but on average I think they are better than Democrat politicians on this issue. Do you have any evidence that they are worse on average?

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All the Mexican guns I've seen are European, mostly East European, old ComBloc stuff and some new Chez stuff that come in with the coke from Africa. (Coke goes through Africa now because we patrol so much South American sky.) Why should they pay three to 8 times the price for US guns, then smuggle them across our border separately at higher cost when they can just load them up in with the dope shipment and send them all across at once?

They are not getting their guns here, that is disinformation.

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  That pretty much sums up what Obama did, yes. LOL

Hmmm, and let's see? Wasn't Saddam Hussein a major purchaser of surplus arms from Russia &c.? I wonder, in light of these recent arms raids, where these guns would be coming from....?