Gun ban response

Hi folks - It was nice to meeting everyone who attended yesterday.
For those who didn't, here's a short bio;

I've been registered as a Libertarian for roughly 15 years. I've been
a dues paying member off and on. I've only been involved in party
activities on rare occasions. I am changing that, and getting more
involved now. I'm a California native, but have also lived in Chicago
and Amsterdam. I run a small consulting business with a focus on
information security. I'm now living in Noe Valley, and expect to be
here for about a year. Oh, and I am also now one of your delegates to
the State convention! Thanks for having me!

With that out of the way, I heard it mentioned that we might make some
sort of formal response to the proposed gun ban, but I don't think
anything was decided. Is this of interest? If so, I would like to
suggest that we partner with these orgs:
- California Pistol and Rifle Association (NRA state-level affiliate)
- Gun Owners of CA (GOA state org)
- Pink Pistols, SF chapter (LGB shooting group)

If this we already have a plan underway, please clue me in.