Guerrilla outreach idea

In keeping with the spirit of the Bureaucrash activism in Cancun, I see an opportunity for some creative outreach coming up on October 9.

  That's when the Neighborhood Parks Council will be hosting their posh annual gala at South Park ($100 a head). It's a period-themed event: "Stroll among mystics, musicians, and costumed characters of the late 1800s, while you enjoy a bounty of delectable delights and libations — all under a sparkling canopy of lights."

  I believe it was sometime around the turn of the century that the city municipalized the private competing streetcar lines servicing San Francisco, creating MUNI.

  Imagine a "Save our Streetcars!" flier warning of the imminent threat by the responsible mayor or Supervisors of the time to dissolve these companies, and warning of the poor service and higher costs that could result from government control of public transit: "If we create MUNI, San Franciscans 100 years from now will be saddled with a dirty, costly, inefficient mode of transportation with a lousy safety record and terrible customer service!"

  This project would involve a bit of research, some work in creating an authentic-looking 19th century flier, and, ideally, period costumes for participants. We wouldn't have to actually pay to go in, could just flier outside the event.

  Anyone interested? 8)

Yours in liberty,
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Sounds like a great idea. I don't have a costume or Photoshop skills or money to spend, but if there's some other way I can help, I'd be happy to.

-- Steve

I'll help make the flyers. But I live in the neighborhood, and my
company's servers are colocated across the street from South Park, so
I don't need to make enemies that close to home. It is a fabulous
idea though. I'm just too chicken to piss off my own neighbors. :slight_smile:

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That's when the Neighborhood Parks Council

> "Save our Streetcars!" flier

I just checked out the Neighborhood Parks Council web site:

What is the connection with mass/public transit?

-- Steve


  No connection. I just picked an issue that would play off the "late 19th century" theme of their event.

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