Gubernatorial Candidates to Review

Hi everyone,

The Contra Costa LP (CC) is considering endorsements for governor,
provided the recall campaign is successful. Kevin Moore has moved that CC
endorse Jeff Hewitt, but I think that is premature as the membership has
not had a chance to discuss all the candidates. It could be that there are
other gubernatorial candidates that espouse our philosophy but may not have
that L after their name. Nickolas Wildstar is one such example; he has been
instrumental in helping the LP in Fresno and our neighbors in LP Alameda
County. He too is running for governor, regrettably as a Republican but
still holding the ideals of liberty. This e-mail is not intended to support
or oppose any particular candidate, but just to see what the options are. I
believe all candidates are worthy of review and discussion before any
endorsement is made. I hope San Francisco will likewise have such a
discussion before any consideration.

In Liberty,

Richard Fast